Hey everyone! Lucas and I thank you for stopping by!

Sweet Baby Carter is expected to arrive around January the Twenty First of 2015 and we are so excited that you're interested in celebrating this brand new life with us.

We are doing a cash registry for many reasons:

1. Our baby shower is almost 1000 miles away and we have a car full of people as it is, so transporting baby items would be a bit difficult.

2. We are cloth diapering! Saving the environment and our wallets one disposable diaper at a time!

3. It seems simple enough, so why not give it a try?!

This registry is the least important thing to us, however. 

What is most important? Getting to see all of you at my baby shower. It's been far too long since we have been in Florida and this is a GREAT excuse for a party! Can't wait to celebrate with you all!!

~Haley and Luke

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